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About Dynamic Taekwondo

Get to know us

Established in 2011, Dynamic Taekwondo specializes in traditional Tae Kwon Do, and Hap Ki Do (part of the taekwondo training), as well as cardio kickboxing (Women's exercise program), and self-defense training. 

We are dedicated to improving the lives of our students through the practice of martial arts. Students learn not only one of the most effective systems of self-defense but also one of the complete forms of health improvement. The values of positive attitude, discipline, and respect gained from the training help students become well-rounded, responsible, and successful individuals. 

Dynamic Taekwondo stands apart from other martial art schools by providing the highest quality of instruction. We have a bigger/safer/better environment and are officially certified in the World Taekwondo Federation! This means you'll achieve your martial arts and fitness goals quickly, safely, and officially while working with some of the most experienced instructors in the industry.


Dynamic Taekwondo's high-energy and fun classes complete the training by providing excellent cardio and endurance workouts that build strength, agility, and self-defense skills It is very famous and known for its great Before and After School Program and energetic and dynamic Taekwondo classes. It has served over 1,000 students in After School Program and has made over 6,000 students Black belts. It has high ratings and great reputation.

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