1. Clean, safe, and spacious facility - Our facility provides a clean and safe environment for our students and families.


2. Positive atmosphere and encouraging learning environment – Taekwondo class will boost your self-confidence. Come to our school and enjoy your experience


3. Super Fun Events - Even more than regular classes, we do all energetic events for our students and families; Buddy Buddy Day, Birthday Parties, Parents' Night Out, Spring Camp, Summer Camp, Winter Camp,  Boot camp, Sleep over with friends, Board Breaking Day, Valentines' Day, Christmas Party, After School Night, Parent's Workshop, and more!


4. Personal Training and Counseling – We care our students. Your child’s behavior will change and will be a good model for others.  


5.  Professional Masters


         - 2006 World Taekwondo Form Championship GOLD Medalist (Korean Representative)

         - 2011 Selected Best Taekwondo School and Best Master by VA Taekwondo Association

         - 2013 Selected Best Taekwondo School in United State by AMS

         - 2009-2011 Philipine, Nigiria, Chile Sparring Coach

         - 2001-2003 Korean Marine Taekwondo Training Coach

         - 2003-2007 US Eighth Army Taekwondo Sparring and Demo Team Coach (in Korea)


6. All Masters have Taekwondo Teaching License