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While we specialize in taekwondo classes designed for children and their development, we also proudly share and teach the principles of taekwondo to older students as well! Taekwondo for teens and adults offers many of the same amazing benefits as it does for kids such as improved fitness, increased self-confidence, and leadership development. Dynamic Taekwondo uses our taekwondo classes as a comprehensive fitness program with the added benefit of learning self-defense skills, as well as increased mental and emotional strength. These are important traits for teens and adults, or even families looking for a fun bonding experience together. Contact us today to learn more about our taekwondo classes for teens, adults, and families!

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Benefits of Taekwondo

  • Learn Self-Defense

  • Gain Strength & Stamina

  • Develop Self-Confidence

  • Increase Focus & Control

  • Maintain Physical Fitness

  • Improve Flexibility

Improve Health & Develop As a Person Through Taekwondo

Taekwondo is as much a mental skill as it is a physical one. Our taekwondo classes seek to develop the entire person, improving both their physical fitness and abilities and mental and emotional fortitude. Together, these elements create a fun and engaging environment that will bleed into other areas of your life. Taekwondo is suitable for all ages, and we tailor taekwondo classes specifically for teens, adults, and families. With Dynamic Taekwondo, martial arts training has never been more enjoyable!

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Taekwondo Classes For Teens

Dynamic Taekwondo offers taekwondo classes specially designed for teens that focus on both physical and emotional growth. Our taekwondo classes for teens are great for beginners or more experienced martial artists as our expert teachers train students based on their ability.

Teens who work with our instructors can expect to develop better balance, flexibility, stamina, and posture while learning valuable lessons through taekwondo to enhance self-confidence, focus, and self-dicipline.

To learn more about our taekwondo classes for teens, contact us today or register for classes online!


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Adult Taekwondo Classes

We offer adults a comprehensive fitness program with the added benefit of self-defense skills and an increase in mental and emotional strength thanks to taekwondo classes.

We offer adults flexible scheduling (morning and evening), as well as a unique approach to self-defense that will benefit the body and the mind. We provide healthy activities to help you respect and love yourself while also helping you look and feel younger than ever!

To learn more about our adult taekwondo classes, contact us today or register for classes online!


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Taekwondo Classes For Families

Because of today's hectic schedules, it is difficult to find activities that allow the entire family to spend time together. At Dynamic Taekwondo, your family can make taekwondo classes a special time together.

Enjoy the great moments when you stand side-by-side with your child and develop valuable physical and emotional attributes.

A few reasons taekwondo is a fantastic activity for families include:

  • A common interest everyone can share and look forward to greater respect between family members

  • An exercise program everyone can participate in together

  • Meeting other positive, health-oriented families

To learn more about our taekwondo classes for families, contact us today or register for classes online!


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With more than 18 years of experience teaching taekwondo and working with children, teens, and adults, Dynamic Afterschool Taekwondo offers the safest and most positive taekwondo classes in Virginia. Beyond learning valuable life lessons through taekwondo, we ensure teens, families, and even adults are developing as individuals while providing life-changing experiences. Fill out our registration form today and start your teen, family, or yourself in our program!