Before/After School

Transportation provided from school

We will pick up your child from their school and transport them safely with our awesome school bus to Dynamic Afterschool Taekwondo. Including Early dismissal days or half days.

Daily Taekwondo Class

We have 45 minutes of Taekwondo class everyday dividing a group with belt colors. In Taekwondo class, they build their confidence, learn how to set goals, self-control, self-discipline. It will become healthier and happier inside their mind and body. Come and see our energetic classes! Learn Taekwondo from World Class licensed Taekwondo Masters.

Individual Homework Monitoring System

We check their agenda or assignment book to help their homework. We also have a computer to do their Dream Box or Razkids. Our goal is make them finish their homework completely and correctly before parents get here to pick them up.

Safe and Positive Environment

One of the best things about being in Dynamic Afterschool Taekwondo is the emphasis on respect, discipline, and personal development. When you put a child in an environment like that on a daily basis they will thrive. Parents are always amazed at what their child accomplishes in their first few months with us.

The most positive and friendly atmosphere with true caring.